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Cyberia's WiFi Service

We have a wide range of WiFi service starts from:

  • 6,000 Kip for 1 hour
  • 12,000 Kip for 2 hours
  • 22,000 Kip for 4 hours
  • 55,000 Kip for 10 hours
  • 110,000 Kip for 24 hours

Coverage | Where to Buy | How to Use


Cyberia's WiFi network cover Vientiane CBD's areas. Look for Cyberia's WiFi Zone sign. Please see the following map for more details on service coverage.

Where to Buy

We provide a wide range of WiFi access options: 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour, 10-hour and 24-hour.

Want to purchase an account? Please contact our office, or make an online purchase here.

You can also purchase WiFi accounts from any of our partners:

  • Sinouk Cafe - Samsenethai Road
  • Holiday Cafe - Center Point
  • Kob Chai Deu Restaurant - Nam Phou (Fountain)
  • Xayoh Restaurant - Samsenethai Rd. (Next to National Cultural Hall)
  • Samsenethai Coffee Shop- Samsenethai Rd. (Next to Xayoh Restaurant)
  • Samsenethai Grill - Samsenethai Rd. (Next to Asian Pavillion Hotel)
  • House of Fruit Shake- Samsenethai Rd. (Opposite Asian Pavillion Hotel)
  • Fasai Fruit Shake Shop - Samsenethai Rd. (Opposite Asian Pavillion Hotel)
  • Croissant d'Or Cafe - Norkeokoumman Rd. (Opposite Mixay Temple)
  • Hotel Lao - Hengboun Rd. (Center Point Zone)
  • Champa Heritage Hotel (near Avalon Hotel, on the street behind Phongsavanh Bank)
  • Wonderland Guesthouse - That Dam, in front of Soukviman Lao Restaurant

How to use

When you buy a card, you will find username and password which you will use to login to our system.

  1. Use your computer or mobile device with WiFi enabled to find our hotspot, identified by the name 'Cyberia Hotspot'.
  2. Select and connect to 'Cyberia Hotspot'.
  3. Start your web browser, for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Go to any website.
  5. The login page will be displayed, enter the username and password given on the card that you bought.

Detailed instructions can also be found the WiFi card.

If you need technical assistance, please contact us.


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